Play Facilities

Our play facilities are the obvious place to start, with a 4-story adventure centre designed with imaginative and collaborative play in mind. Our play space involves on “open” features, by this we mean that kids have lots of creative options for how to play, as opposed to “closed” activities with only one outcome (e.g. “ball blasters” or screened activities). This means your children are not only having the best time possible, but they’re also engaging with activities that are the best for their physical, social and mental development.

Eden play facilities

Other Facilities

Seating Area

We have a very spacious seating area, with comfy seating and carpets throughout. We make a special effort to keep the area clean and tidy.

Cafe Facilities

It is our aim to provide home-made food and amazing barista-made coffees as standard! For more information see our Food&Drink page. Keep a look out for our specials too!

Eden cafe facilities


At the rear of the building we have our car park that can hold up to 20 cars, there is also plenty of space on streets within a five minute walk of the center. Watch out for parking permit areas though!


We have free WiFi and internet for all our customers, to access it just find the “EdenPublicWiFi” network, open the first page on your browser and click “login”, you’ll have internet instantly! Restrictions are in place on what can be accessed through our network, if you find yourself blocked out of something you shouldn’t be, let us know.


We have two toilet rooms at the moment, both of which have baby changing. We have installed a double toilet in one room, with one adult-sized and one child-sized toilet. Full disabled facilities are availble as well.