Did you know? Eden Softplay is more than just soft play!

Eden Softplay was set up by St Saviour’s Church and runs as a non-profit social enterprise.

A word from St Saviours Church

Eden Soft play exists for the good of people in Nottingham, with a focus on those in the Meadows. St Saviour’s church wants to serve the area, and a soft play provides a space for healthy living for kids, a meeting place for parents and joy for everyone!

When you spend money here you are not making someone rich. You are making everyone rich, any profits this business makes will go back into projects for the good of the area.

Enjoy yourself and know that by coming here you are doing good: We are working to source all our products ethically, our vision is for everyone’s good, and no rich business person is making money from your fun!

Enjoy Eden Soft play, and thank you for being part of this.